[CLOSED] Hiring a scripter. (50-60% revenue or € payout)

Job is taken. Please do not apply anymore.

About Me

Good evening!

I’m currently looking for 1 Scripter to script me a few things. For details, please see below.

It’s currently only me as Builder in this Team (named “The Obby Creator”). You can already guess by the name, that i’m creating Obbys. But it’s not like the basic Obbys with some floating platforms. Those of mine are themed in different sections. I’m quite at the start of development, got a few Alpha-Testers and a very first version is released to those. For progress pictures, see below.

The Team
@Night2078 - Builder
@Galactiq - Scripter

Current progress

For now, the only thing “finished” is the forest section containing 10 checkpoints. There are many different themes planned.


About The Job

I’m currently seeking for a few scripts to be made. For transparency: I’m currently only using free model scripts, as i don’t know anything about scripting. I only got one custom made script and that’s an Auto Kick. Because i want to change that, i’m hiring a scripter now.

Custom Chat with Prefixes

I want an Custom Chat containing Prefixes.

Example: [Owner] Night2078: Test

The Prefix, username and text should be colorable.


Checkpoint System

Since it’s going to be a long Obby, we need a Checkpoint System. This Checkpoint System will also put the current Stage (I named them “Sector”) into the leaderboard.

The Checkpoint System should save the progress and let the player continue on the Sector, where they stopped playing. They should also be able to completely reset their progress and start over again. A Button in the GUI (left bottom corner is prefered for that) showing “Reset Progress”. After clicking there should be a confirmation, where the player have to confirm, that he/she really wants to reset the progress. The Button don’t need to be fancy for now.

The Sector - or Checkpoints - should also be nameable. This name shows up in the Leaderboard aswell.

Custom Leaderboard

The Custom Leaderboard should interact with the Checkpoint System.

The Leaderboard should contain:

Username - Rank - Sector - Theme


Username Rank Sector Theme
Night2078 Owner 4 Forest
In Future

Futurewise i can’t say anything, as i’m quite at the beginning of Development. There are over 200 stages (or sectors) planned with many different themes.

There might be one or another script for you to script then, as we progress with development. And it won’t be the first and last obby (or game) to be created by me (or us).


You’ll be paid 50% revenue. If i feel like you’re doing a really great job, you’ll get 60%. If the game does not make any money, you’ll be paid in € via PayPal. This price can be discussed then.

Meaby important for you to know:
I’m not planning to introduce any sort of pay 2 win or paying for an advantage. I don’t like it this way, so there will only be a Donation Gamepass and meaby buyable Skips. Things like Double Jump, Sprinting or even a Balloon will not be introduced to my games.


My preferred contact is using Discord: Disco Wolfgang#1337
You can contact me here aswell.

Preferred language is german, but not a must.

You have to be older than 13 years.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Can you provide images of the game or a link?

Hello, Night2078! I am interested in this job. However, when I tried to add you on discord, it said that you have a specific setting enabled that automatically blocks friend requests. My tag is Galactiq#5783. Send me a friend request if you would like to work with me. Thanks.

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You can find the images under the “Current Progress” Section. There is a summary you can click on and you’ll see those images.

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