[CLOSED] Hiring a scripter that can make me a Character lock script for F3X Building Tool

I need a scripter that can make a script to lock all the players (R6 + R15) that also works with the F3X Tool. I had a script that could lock all the players (R6 + R15) and it worked by locking the players but the F3X tool could still lock the F3X player.

Due to the script I made not working I made a post trying to get help and figured out it wasn’t the script that was not working it was the F3X being able to select locked parts, which means the F3X script has to be edited to make it work.

These 2 games have the feature I want. If you didn’t understand OR you want a better understanding of what I need join one of the games listed below and hold click and move the box over a player to select them but the player won’t actually get selected.

Payment: Robux

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