[CLOSED] Hiring a scripter to script a Jetpack [$25 USD]

About Us

I’m the owner of a Star Wars themed military group that launched on 9/18. At this point we’re just working on adding onto our game and giving more to the players.

About The Job

I’m looking for a scripter able to script a jetpack model I have. When holding down space, you move up, and you can move WASD to move as well according to the ground. Player leans according to direction they move. Particle effects also need to come out of the jetpack nozzles when it’s in use. The jetpack will have limited fuel and the fuel regenerates over time when it’s not in use. This will be shown by a GUI with a moving bar that is full according to how much fuel. GUI will be transparent when fuel is full and show up again when the jetpack is in use and fuel is being used. Also will need to script a script to give players the jetpack depending on if they own a gamepass or not. Stats for the jetpack should be easily customizable - Vertical speed, horizontal speed, amount of fuel, how fast fuel regenerates, etc.

The Jetpack model and GUI will be provided to you upon accepting the commission.


I’ll pay you $30 USD via Paypal upon completion of the asset.

Contact Us

The best way to contact me would be through Discord @ Thire#5680

You can also message me on Devforum, but I can promise a faster response if you add me or DM me on Discord.

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