[CLOSED] Hiring a scripter who is capable of UI design!

About Me

Hi there! I’m David, and I’m an experienced low-poly / realistic builder, a former group owner, and a game developer in need of someone who is experienced in scripting and UI design! If you’d like to take a look at some of my builds, please take a look at [OPEN] davidiscooI - Experienced Builder / Blender 3D Modeler - Portfolio.

About The Job

I have an unfinished game called “Tribal Warriors” that I would like to finish. It’s a round-based sword fight game with different themed arenas, where each round there’s a different map / obstacle. The game is fully functional but needs a shop.

Game Link: Tribal Warriors [BETA!] - Roblox
Please take a look of some images of the game:

Tribal Warriors

I plan to update the maps and give them a more fresh look.

The game is fully scripted and functional with a working currency system, I just need a scripter / UI designer to do these tasks:

  • Improve the UI design of the game
  • Incorporate a shop into the game
    • Items include hair, faces, clothing, body paint, weapons, trails, nametags (I will be providing all buyable items)
  • Create a custom character design system where players can change their appearance with items bought in the shop


Payment options:

  • $50-100 USD :dollar:
  • 30,000 - 50,000 ROBUX :robux:
  • 30% of game revenue (if providing continuous updates)

Due Date

As soon as possible, within 1-2 weeks.


Please contact me on discord if interested! My discord is davidd#9318. Please provide past work!
My ROBLOX username is davidiscooi.


While I’m pretty busy at the moment, if you don’t find someone in the next 2 weeks, DM me @ Sasial#1865. (:

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I am interested in fixing up the UI. I contacted you at Dev#6184.

I can help you! Here is some of the work me and a some friends have been working on.

If you also need his help as well here is his profile.


It’s literally been a hour and it isn’t very professional for you to call him out under his game recruitment like that.

Im rather confused on what the game is about, is it a survivor type of game?

It’s more of a sword-fighting combat game.

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