[CLOSED] Hiring a Scripter

About Us

Hi! I am Cxany. I am a developer on the Roblox platform seeking for a scripter to help my game out. I have been on the platform for 5 years now. I joined in 2015 and I joined Roblox development in 2017. I do building, new to animation and a bit of scripting. This is one of my very first owned projects. I have worked on many other projects in a team, though. Click here to go to our builder’s portfolio.
The Team

@Cxany - Owner | Co-Builder | Animator

@ItsDxnk - Builder

@Tiakeno - Graphics Artist

@zee712345 - Clothing Artist

The Game

I have recently started development on a game titled ‘CRIMINALS’. I am currently in the planning stage of the game. The game will be a Jailbreak type of world. However, there are many changes. You join the game and you are granted to 2 options, civilian or police. Police do the normal thing, they patrol the world for any criminals. However, they have special abilities. Cameras are places all around the map which criminals can destroy. Cops can view the cameras when functioning properly whenever they desire to. This is just one of the examples. Civilians on the other hand can work at different places around the world. Such as hair salons, car shops and more.

But civilians have the choice to break the law. Many unique robberies will be places around the map for criminals to rob at. There are many unique features of the robbing techniques. There will also be shops placed around the map. Such as emote shops, garages, gun shops and more.

Players will also get a beach house that they can decorate. There are multiple things that players can save up for. In-game items, guns, cars, furniture, avatar accessories and more.

Personally, I think this could be a very fun game for all ages at the platform of Roblox. I think lots of players would enjoy and invest into the game, too.

The Job

If you are interested in the idea of this game, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  1. Active, atleast 1 hour online a day
  2. Must have a discord account
  3. Must have atleast 1 year of scripting experience
  4. Must be able to communicate well to others
  5. Must have previous work you can show when interviewed
  6. Must be okay with payment
  7. Must be dedicated to the project


Scripters will receive 30% of game revenue. As I have said before, this is one of my first projects. Therefor, I do not have enough Robux to pay my developers.

I am looking for people who are dedicated and hopeful for this project that will work with me for the project. It isn’t exactly a hiring, instead more of a collaboration post. I would pay my developers, but I sadly don’t have enough to afford that.

Contact Us

If you are interested and meet all of the requirements, please contact me. I would be happy to talk with you!

Discord: cxany#9392

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