CLOSED | Hiring a Scripting Partner for battle royale-esque sandbox game

Link to current build: old testing place (DONT USE) - Roblox
Link to WIP map: Grass Hills Map - Roblox

I have gathered a team to develop a large scale battle royale type project called Betaphase. In Betaphase, players will be able to fight with others, solve puzzles, and explore large sandbox worlds.

The main gamemode is capture the region, where teams would need to capture regions of a large map. The team with the most regions wins. Other gamemodes will be discussed on DMs.

Current Team:
@BronzedMocha: Scripter, UI Designer, Terrain Designer
@Thrdrppr: Weapon Modeller
@longzoro456: Animator
@Spook_MC (Discord): Environment Designer

Combat System:

  • Players will be able to attack, block, and throw weapons
  • timed blocks will result in a parry
  • Players will be able to charge swings
  • particle emitters and sounds will be on all weapons (you will not have to make any effects)
  • Dual weapons will be in the game (for all weapons but large melee weapons and two-handed guns)
  • Weapons can be in their inventory, or out on the player’s back
  • players will have two sets of weapons, one for large weapons and another for small weapons.
  • Combat needs to be dependent on the player’s humanoid state, so the combat should check if the player is swimming, climbing, in the air, etc. for a different attack. (example, if the player melee attacks and is crouched, the player would make a jab attack from their crouched position instead of a normal attack)
  • players should go ragdoll when hit by an overload of attacks (lower priority feature)

I have started up code for many of these systems, however, I fear that many of my scripts may be inefficient and will need to be modified or revamped from the ground up. I am open to partnering with the scripter to tackle the combat system, and possibly other areas of the game.

I have full documentation further explaining not only the combat system but all aspects of the game. I’ll be happy to get into more details in DMs.


  • understanding of object-oriented programming
  • prior experience with combat systems
  • knowledge of or ability to learn any useful systems or frameworks that can be applied to the project (state machines, inverse kinematics, Roact/Rodux, etc.)
  • good communication and engagement with the project


Amount Of Robux: R$20,000

Percentage: 10-25% revenue from the project (percentage may vary depending on how much work is done and will increase if the partnership continues to areas outside of the combat system)

Due Date

I want an alpha ready by June, which will include the fleshed out combat system. I can postpone the due date if needed.


DM me on discord: BoonkJusticeMayanProphecy2012#1561
I don’t look at the forum replies as often as my discord, so that is the best option.

You need to be 13+ to apply


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