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About Us

Hi there! We are Big Studios, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for builders who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, Big Game!


Hey there me and my fellow team mates are working on a game called sds absolution,but you see we are lacking a map /terrain builder so today I am making this post because I want you guys to help us to continue our project


Have experience or information about making Maps/terrain

----------ADDITIONAL INFORMATION----------

Do I need to have good experience?
Decent experience is fine, As long as you put dedication.
---------Payment---------- Robux

Discord Username: Chill#6764

Direct Messages: Open

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What sort of map do you need being build, send examples.

It’s alright, we have selected someone.

I would be interested in taking part with you guys. I do map design but not terrain, Im still learning terrain. You can see my portfolio here. Faded_Aurora Portfolio ) Builder for hire You can add my disc here AuroraStudio#9148

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