[CLOSED] Hiring A Vector Artist (2D or 3D) For Latest Project!


Hello 2D & 3D artists :wave: ,
We are Supersonic, a new & exciting Roblox games development team.
Founded May 2021 we strive to provide experiences for all to enjoy.

Currently we are undertaking our first team project, however across the board all of our developers have had vast experience in the games development world.

  • Founded by @0Mushy (Who to date has 20,000,000 + visits solo developed).
  • Managed by @Drawees (Who has over 4+ years experience in movement & development)
  • Programmed by @neddleduck (Scripter for games with a combined 100,000,000 + visits).

Also working for us are names such as:@SoftGB, @SoaringKeyy, @Chaseowski, @ImagiRyan.


The Job (Commision):
We are looking for upward of 15+ vectors in total, ranging from some as basic to others more complex.
Some of these 15 would include a, gear (settings) icon, shied, egg, clover leaf, etc…

A full list of vectors will be discussed upon further conversation.

An example of the style // quality we seek can be found bellow:
Vector Examples


Payment :money_with_wings: :

The payment is negotiable, we are open to offers in both USD & Robux -
(Whichever is preferable to yourself).


The Project:
As our first ever project we are looking to delve into the world of simulators.
Taking our past development & experience within the genre of game -
we believe we are set to develop something that’ll grab the players eye.

  • Our game at its very core is a sword progression game, with things such as islands & bosses we’ve all heard of, with a medieval theme that slowly transitions through the ages.
  • Players will slash their way through the games wide range of weaponry, in the aim to become a top class “slasher” // knight, lord, samurai, etc…
  • Aided by unique pets, pitched against the worlds toughest bosses.

Our game although similar to many in ways will stand out in its quality, detailing & story line.
Hooking the player in & giving hours of fun.


Contact Us :email: :
You can reach out via:

  • Discord: @Double#6779
  • Twitter: @DDrawees


Unfinished development to give indication to style.


Final Note :grinning: :
This project is very serious, @0Mushy is investing hundreds of thousands of Robux into the game.

We are confident this game will be a success & reap significant profit - we therefore ask for professionalism & for only serious responses to this offering.

We look forward to reading your applications - sincerely,


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