[CLOSED] Hiring a weapon modeller for 2 guns

Hello there,
I am currently hiring a weapons/gun modeller for 2 custom made guns. I need someone who’s responsible and dedicated for the project, as I need it to be done within 2 weeks. The style I’m looking for is sci-fi, low-medium detail however good quality, all references will be provided when started. The guns will be used for the group. I’m more likely to hire someone who will want to work later on more guns to keep the style the same.

Payment is up to negotiations, however 2k robux or 25 USD is my standing offer.

If you do not think you want/can complete the commission please do not message me.

Contact me through discord: Solar_Wraith#1359

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Erm, pretty sure 2k doesn’t equal 25 usd unless you running by the official page.

I think he meant AU since AU$25 is 2k :robux_gold:.

I’m interested in this, I sent you a friend request on discord.

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