[CLOSED] Hiring Advanced Programmer (500k Robux + $350 USD/Week)

Hello there! My name is Tobonyko, I am the owner of the Jade Palace and I am also a professional Producer and Game Designer for Gamefam, as well as a Producer for Robeats!

IMPORTANT; we do NOT expect you to know anything about Japanese culture or history for this game. We will do the research for you, you simply need to script our vision.

We are a team of dedicated individuals, all highly invested in Japanese culture and history. Our goal is to bring Japanese history to Roblox in a light that it never has before. We have spent countless hours planning, proceeding, and creating what we believe to be the most historically accurate Japanese game in Roblox’s history.




@Tobonyko is currently the project manager for both The Jade Palace, as well as Lionly Studios. She does not dedicate all of her time to these management positions, as both studio’s development teams were created by her and perform exceptionally well. You can read up on all of her experiences in her portfolio above. Tobonyko has an extensive and vast love for Japanese culture, and want’s to expand upon that and bring it to Roblox.


@xiayurei is an exceptionally talented modeler, texturer, builder, and environmental artist. Rei has expanded his knowledge of Japanese history and architecture, essentially studying to become a Japanese historian.

Rei is currently the community manager and discord owner for Shiguto, as well as a prominent member in GearWorks, EBR, and ROBLOX Architects.

You can check him out in the social links below:
Xiarei - Roblox
Comprehensive Asian Shingle Roofs Tutorial


@ChooShu_Cho is a comprehensive and talented builder, being a prominent member of GearWorks, EBR, and ROBLOX Architects. She specializes in part building, and is able to do what other builders cannot with parts alone. One look at her work, and you will be astonished.

You can check her out in the social links below:
ChooShu - Roblox
[Showcase] Chooland - Roblox


@Muthshizuki is Rei’s main building partner, as well as a prominent figure in both Shiguto, GearWorks and ROBLOX Architects. He is experienced in both Mech building, as well as Japanese and Historic building. He is experienced with the ROBLOX engine, and is always passionate about his work.

You can check him out using the social links below:
Muth - Roblox
Stoneworks Showcase - Roblox


@H3ichou is an experienced builder, modeler, graphic designer and texture artist. She has a graphic design background, and is our head texture artist. Although she is newer to the building scene, she is making a name for herself very quickly. The Jade Palace leading her to new opportunities, such as being the main builder for Lionly Studio’s upcoming game. She is a member of Shiguto, and passionate about Japanese architecture.

You can check her out using the social links below:
H3ichou - Roblox
Akisa Shore [ SHOWCASE ] - Roblox


ozone987654321 is a newer builder to the scene, and is excited to learn and take this experience as an amazing opportunity. They are working alongside our other builders and learning to enrich their building experience.

You can check them out using the social links below:
MisssAnthropocene - Roblox

Please note that this is not an exact list of what you will be expected to create should you work for us, this is a basis and just an overview of things to expect towards the job.

  • Experience with OOP (the entirety of our game is currently written in OOP, not just parts of it)
  • Experience working with other scripter’s code (also written using OOP)
  • Experience with creating and working with .png UI (our artist is not a UI artist, but a traditional artist)
  • Ability to receive and upload all files pertaining to the job (png, .mp3, .rblx, .zip, etc)
  • Experience working with R15 rigs/animations
  • Experience using R15 animations to create a combat system
  • Experience with path-finding AI
  • Ability to work with other scripters (should they continue to work, ask about this when you apply)


This position is a long-time position, meaning you understand that this is a long project. We have two phases of the game, the first being the initial release. After the initial release, it is expected that the scripter we hire will stay on for additional updates. These updates are mainly geared towards traditional Japanese festivals, as we wish to include as many festivals as we can.

Our game consists of three different elements, which I will lable districts 1-3.

District 1

This district is essentially your vibe game, and the basis for the entire game. This is also our heaviest build site.

District 1 is a traditional Japanese city, primarily focusing on a teahouse with Geisha employees and Geisha lifestyle. The entirety of district 1 is in 1st person as well.

District 2

District is your “clan-wars”. To brief 1000 years of history into a few sentences, it is Kabukki-Mono (Rogue Samurai that kill villagers) and Machi-Yakko (Villagers that had enough and are fighting back). District 2 is your bloody clan wars, with capture points, jobs, combat, and warfare. It is much different from district 1, and it is entirely in 1st person. On top of this, it is the only place where combat is enabled.

District 3

District 3 is essentially blox-burg. In district 1 our Geisha have a placement system, as the teahouse interior will be built by the staff every session (they will use the furniture placement system). Why not also take the placement system for their own houses? District 3 is literally just building your own house, furnishing it with the yen you get from jobs (district 2), and showing off your house to your friends. This final addition will allow us to cater to all walks of life on the ROBLOX platform, and help generate massive amounts of income for all of us.

Everything listen below is completely negotiable to the right person, and is not set in stone. We have an expandable budget, but this is where we feel most comfortable pricing ourselves

  • Base pay of 500,000 Robux guaranteed and $350 USD/Week. We will offer you a deposit of Robux upon request, and we will begin paying you $350 USD/Week upon you beginning work

  • 20% of all funds guaranteed to you upon the completion of the game


If you’re interested please reach out to @Tobonyko via dev forum DMs or Discord (Tobonyko#8185) with the following information:

  • Name, Roblox Username, Timezone, Age
  • Previous projects and or work examples (portfolio)
  • Your schedule and weekly availability (what you are guaranteed to offer, not what we want to hear)

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