[CLOSED] Hiring Animator and 3D Modeler for a Project [Reverse Art]

Hello! Please Read Everything! :slight_smile:

About Me

I’m the owner of Reverse Art , a group that will be building a great game. I’m a builder myself and I want to create something great on this platform for all to enjoy. I enjoy working with others and try to work as hard as possible.

The Team
@StrangeShiner - Game Designer (Jack of all trades, mostly good at building though)
@SpekuII - Builder
@BoogeymanT - Scripter
@username - Modeler
@fattestavenger - UI Artist
@username - Animator

About The Game

Game Name: Veloren

The game we will be creating is fairly different. The story is you wake up in this mysterious place with no idea where you are. The entire game will be divided into floors with each floor being unique and different containing different enemies. Unique loot and items can be obtained on each floor. However, the place you are in is not real and you will encounter “glitches” which will add random things in to each map such as things completely out of place to misaligned buildings. There will be 3 categories of weapons and multiple skill trees each with a unique play style. More will be added as the game progresses but this is just the beginning.

Job Specifics


Using 3D modeling software to create the guns, gears and other stuff that will be used in game.


Animates the things we need, running, reloading, enemies, etc.

More information will be given upon contact, don’t be afraid to ask and take on this job.

Things that would be nice to have

  • Have discord
  • Able to motivate other team mates and yourself to get the job done and meet deadlines
  • A trello account
  • Able to work for at least 1-2 hours a day (By yourself or with others)
  • Can work in a team when required
  • A time zone close to GMT -5


When it comes to monetizing this game I have a few ideas

  1. The purchasing of some kind of in game currency that will be used to purchase upgrades
  2. Weapons/packs that people can buy
  3. Exclusive areas?

This is a few ideas I have in mind.


In terms of payment, it will be percentage.
Game Designer - 20%
Builder - 20%
Scripter - 20%
Modeler - 20%
UI Artist - 10%
Animator - 10%

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or Discord
You must be 14 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, use the comments or discord. :slight_smile:


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