[CLOSED] Hiring Animator (USD)

About Us
Hello there! We are Kohaú, an upcoming restaurant group. We’re looking for an animator who is willing to do a few animations for our game!

The Team
@SoftwareEngine - Builder & UI Designer
@ScriptedJulia - Developmental Overseer
@retroovibes - Builder
@SobSyphix - Modeler

About The Job
We’re looking for an animator to do a few simple animations. Some of them include cooking and eating animations. They won’t be longer than 2-5 seconds. The cooking animation will be playing as food is cooking on our hibachi tables. The eating animation will make it look like the customer is eating the food, it plays when you click the screen with a food tool out.

We are paying $10-$20+ USD. Our preferred payment method is USD through PayPal.

Due Date
We’re looking for this to be finished 2-3 days after we hire you.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.
Must provide several past examples.
Must work in a timely manner and give updates.

Contact Us
Discord: ScriptedJulia#4101
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScriptedJulia


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