[CLOSED] Hiring average scripter for an easy job

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Hi there! I am DevKurka - a scripter who is looking for average scripter to do easy job that I haven’t got enough time to do.

The job is really basic. I want to find someone who is willing to redo some (and may be more) kohl’s fun commands (from the admin commands package) into Cmdr format.

And before somebody asks - I am not copying kohl’s commands. I am just willing to recreate them, because kohl’s module seems to take too much datastore as for our game and we are looking for a better, permament solution.

The scripter needs to script the commands pretty well (not a pro level, but average, fair, clean and easy).


I am paying 100 Robux per one command (there will be loads of them and this is basically copy + paste job). However - we have a high budget and if you come up with a reason for a higher payment - I am up to hear it out and change it.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at DevKurka#5049

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


You seem to contradict yourself here. If you’re just trying to recreate them, shouldn’t you/the person being hired be writing a new script, not copy pasting the old script? Copying a free model is fine, but you should be honest with potential hires about the job; if it’s just tweaking the commands and not actually writing their own commands the price makes more sense.


i would be happy to make this!

What I mean is recreating (rewriting the code). But loads of commands are very similiar so duplicating and changibg some sort of line works.

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Could you please hit me up on the Discord?

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Sent you a friend request. i’m Scr1pterScropter#1983

You’re not replying or accepting my request. Is there something wrong?

Nothing is wrong. Sometimes I just don’t see the friend requests on Discord and its better to send me a message as its not locked.

The recruitment is closed. Thanks for applying.

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