[CLOSED] Hiring Bakery Builder!

:ramen: Hiring Bakery Builder! :ramen:

Information :ramen:

Hey potential builder! My up-coming group desires a builder who can fit a certain aesthetic for our group! Kashi is a Japanese Bakery. Please take a look at our inspiration, deadline, and payment options to help you make a conscious decision!

Below you Will Find the Inspiration and Tasks That Will Assist you in This job! :ramen:

Reference Photos




We love the blue accents incorporated with orange colors. We want the Bakery to feel lively, bright and welcomed. Our build must be low-poly styled. We believe this removes a stress factor and allows our developers to work at ease. We love the way Bakiez Bakery, Pastriez, and Little Angles Daycare are created. We like their elements and would like to use their amazing groups as inspiration, not plagiarism. We like their cafe styles, not the size. We want more of a small - medium-sized build.

Payment :ramen:

Payment can be negotiated through Discord. We offer payment based off of quality and detail. We can offer a minimum of 10k for this build. A maximum of 20k. We do know this is very cheap. We will add more to the price with detail, extras, etc.

Contact Us :ramen:

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter: https://twitter.com/KashiRblx
Contact me through Discord aswell: sean;#4302
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :innocent:

:ramen: Any more questions? Feel free to comment them below! I will try my best to reply to all! :ramen:!


Min 8k is very cheap, would you be expecting detail or just an overall shaped build? Approx how big is the map in total too?

Going off Pastriez and Bakiez, VERY large.

By any chance do you guys pay by PayPal?

If expected a large and detailed map 8k is a huge underpayment.

Can’t stress this enough, MINIMUM! I add more depending on your detail.

Even if this is the minimum its a better idea to say your price range, from lowest to highest.


I’m interested. Please DM me or add me on Discord.


Examples of work will be provided.

I have to change that, I like the elements and style, not the size. What happened with you and Kohau? :open_mouth:

Will do! Fixing currently. :slight_smile:

Hi! I wouldn’t mind doing this for somewhere near the minimum payment. I have sent a friend request on discord from ZacZooZoo#4717. Please get back to me on my interest! :slight_smile:

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