[CLOSED] Hiring builder (40,000 robux for map)

Mango games is looking for a builder that will be able to plan and create cartoony maps for our game that maximize player retention. The style should be imaginative and welcoming to children. Here are some examples of the style we are looking for:

Click here to see

You would need to create the 3d assets required for the map as well. Blender knowledge is required for this job.

We will pay you 40,000 robux, or $140 USD, per map. It should not take you more than two weeks to complete a map. The map should be quite large (1000x1000 studs)

If you are interested, please contact me on discord (SC#7508) or message me on devforum! I look forward to working with you!


I’m interested in applying, but your Discord doesn’t seem to work.

Add me, my Discord is: Espelk#7058

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My apologies, I made a typo. The SC should be capitol letters. Try again!

Contact me.

Add me if your interested.

Soy un builder y me gusta hacer todo en roblox studios, no se usar casi blender

Do you have skills in using blender?

Some, but not much, I tend to rather use studio but I’d be willing to learn blender for the sake of doing something productive and this project.

I am very interested [sadly I cant model] but I can build!

Ok, DM me on discord with examples of your work

Please dm me @Clxzed#8551

I sent you a friend request, my name is SC#7508

I friended you =D please respond.

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Ijterested contact me on discord : FISHY#8882

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