(CLOSED) Hiring Builder [5K Robux] | Paradise Smoothies


About Paradise Smoothies

Paradise Smoothies is a ROBLOX franchise group devoted to creating the best experience at our magnificent smoothie parlor! We have wonderful staff and a great and active community. You can view the group here: Paradise Smoothies - Roblox

About The Job

Paradise Smoothie is looking for a Low-Poly/Medium-Detail builder to make us our smoothie Parlor. We don’t need any sort of machines, scripts, and minimal outdoor landscaping (should be low-poly). Paradise Smoothies is looking for a game style similar to:

Example of our game's build style


We are paying through Robux, we do not offer USD sadly. We are paying 5K :robux_light: for the entire parlor building and some landscaping. This price is sadly Non-negotiable due to our strict budget.

Contact Us

You con contact us here on the Forum or on the following:
Discord: Jacobthedragon#8256
Twitter: @jacobthedragon4

I prefer Discord as I am always online while I only check twitter every few days

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, I see you want a beachy, modern, glossy theme. I can make that but it might cost around 7.5k for it to be done like that. We can talk on discord and sort things out if you are interested - sunkvss#9999

Portfolio - [DESPERATE TO BUILD] sunkvss portfolio (Thats really just full of my poly stuff)

I use to work for MYO cafe that had the exact same theme as that. I made them an interview centre.

Added you on discord.

30 charssss

Hi @jacobthedragon4ever - jvstaldjni… would be willing to complee this along with the UI project you assigned me.

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