[CLOSED] Hiring Builder for New Horror Game

About Me

Hello, I am @Iifebit and I am working on a horror game project. Being a intermediate scripter, I am not skilled in the building field which leads up to why I am recruiting a builder. I am in need of a builder to create things such as buildings with no interior. All models for the interior are prepared so you will not need to include those.

What will you have to do?

As of right now you will only have to build a fairly large sized house with no textures/materials. I am wanting a high-poly type build with no interior and plain white so that I can add my own textures later. The house should have a horror vibe as the game is a horror game. Things such as the doors and windows should be separate meshes.

Expected Requirements

I am expecting all applicants to have a check mark for the following:

  • Has at minimum 1 year of experience
  • Has a portfolio with past work
  • Doesn’t have a scamming history

If you don’t meet some of the requirements but you’d still like to apply, I might accept if your work is good enough.


Since I am very flexible with prices I like to include multiple payment options whether it be USD via PayPal, percentages, or robux via a group. The choice of how you will want to be paid is in your hands. Currently my thoughts for payment would be 35% of all game revenue + robux spread out throughout the duration of the project.


You may contact me via Discord or on here:

Discord: SolarflareExcess#2617
Devforum: @Iifebit

When contacting me, include your portfolio.

Thanks for reading and I’m excited to see your applications!


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