[CLOSED] Hiring Builder

About Us

Hi there! I’m the representative of a group called “Doom Bank” and we’re currently searching a developer for the upcoming game.

The Team
SpieleMausHD - Owner
Couldbeyou - Builder

About The Job

We are looking for a builder to join our project. Your job in the team would be to build the map and assets used on the map.
The Maps will include the following parts:

  • A Map based on a Shopping mall, which should be decently big and have a rather open area.

  • With a few smaller rooms as decoration with interior

  • A Map based on a Museum, again it should be decently big and have a rather open area.

  • A Upper and lower level also with interior

Both maps don’t have to be too big as the player wont be able to access a lot of room. The rooms are mostly for decoration.

The project should be completed in a relatively short amount of time as our members have been waiting for the release for a long time now.


2k robux per map.

Contact Us

PM me for more info.

Thanks for reading!

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