[Closed] Hiring Builder


Mango Games is looking for a talented builder to create a new map for our game, Dancing Simulator. Since its release, Dancing Simulator has amassed over 11 million visits and a dedicated fanbase.

You can see the game here

Map progress will be checked daily and you are expected to finish it within 2 weeks of being hired. 3d modeling knowledge is required.


You will be paid :robux: 70,000 for the map. USD payment ($250) is also available.


If you are interested, please friend me on discord (scriptide#0001) or message me on devforum! I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Very Interested, contacted you on discord

Interested! I’ll send a fr on discord.

Hey, is this a lowpoly builder you need?

Okay, I accepted your friend request

Added you on discord! Hope to talk to you there!

Discord: AVO#0533
ROBLOX: a_voc

Hello, I am interested. I contacted you on discord.

Im interested, I have added you on discord

I want it to be cartoony, not low poly

Sounds great! Would love to try out!

Ok, add me on discord I will accept

Alright, I will accept the friend request

Hey, im interested!

Please have a look at my Showcase:



Lava cave

This is a build


So, if you like it and are interested in my work, send me a DM here, thx =D

It looks pretty good! Do you have discord? It is required to have discord for this job

Yes, Hungria#3904 send me a FR =D

they are the same?

No, cartoony is round kind of like adopt me

Heyo! I would love to work with you, here’s some of my past work! https://devforum.roblox.com/t/portfolio-kd12306-builder-modeler/620785/4 I hope I can peek some interest, if not all good. :+1:
My discord is KEDO#2667

Okay, I will check out your portfolio

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I am pretty interested contacting you right now!