[CLOSED] Hiring builder(s) for minibuilding game

EDIT: still open as of May 1st

Final Frontier Dominations is looking for individuals capable of building in the small scale for the creation of a roleplaying game. These terrains will be used by players moving units around, represented by parts, for the sake of strategy and story roleplaying.

Genre references

You and other builders of the building team will be tasked to create six detailed, high quality planets terrains measuring an average of 800x800 studs per plate. Terrain must be done with parts to ensure proper functioning with building tools. Here are some examples of terrains that are needed:

  • Active and decrepit city environments
  • Small towns
  • Plains
  • Jungles
  • Tundras
  • “Moon-style” - rocky mountainous terrain with caves and such.


  • Seasoned builder with a good portfolio
  • Fair understanding of real world terrain and city design, enough to make a reasonably realistic city layout.
  • Strong skills making optimized builds


  • 3D modeling experience for terrain and other props
  • Prior experience in building in a smaller scale

The payment for this job will be done through group payouts in robux. The base offering at this time is 45k robux, though this can be negotiated dependent on the quality of work being offered. Payment will be received after project completion or in milestones along with parts of the final map being built.

For inquiries or to apply, contact me on Discord at Tactical Tux#3707, or join the group Discord at nqDEGBmvCM


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