[CLOSED] Hiring Builder(s)


TITLE: Lead Developer

GROUP: oGG studios

GAME: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant


The game takes place in the now closed ex-soviet Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, located in northern Ukraine. The objective of the game is to either attempt to save the reactor from destruction, or to attempt to sabotage and cause a disaster. The game follows the real-life events that occurred in 1986, when the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant’s unit 4 reactor blew up due to an unprecedented disaster.

The game has been actively developed by myself and a few volunteers, until recently I have not found the time and motivation to finish the building. The game has over 1M visits and has been active for almost 2 years now.

Here is the game in its current state: https://www.roblox.com/games/2279618853/BETA-Chernobyl-Nuclear-Power-Plant


Your role is to work on and build the Exterior and Interior of a new building. The building needs to be scaled correctly to its real-life counterpart, and all interior rooms need to be added. The building must be built to a high-quality standard, an exact replica of the real building within ROBLOX. You may also need to coordinate with existing project volunteers and allocate work to them. You will be utilising existing resources we have collected such as blueprints, maps, photos, and videos. You may need to research to find extra resources to aid in development of other areas within the game. Sometimes you may need to use imagination and creativity to fictitiously create an area, as no resources may be available.


  • Actively develop the building.
  • Finish development in a timely manner.
  • Ensure building is accurately sized and scaled.
  • Detail, decorate and furnish rooms to the correct styling and architecture of that period.
  • Work from real diagrams, blueprints, and photos to achieve a life-like model.
  • Research resources if necessary.
  • Communicate effectively with myself and the rest of the team.
  • Be committed to project completion.
  • Show enthusiasm and actively participate in decisions made.
  • Ideally be able to speak in Voice Chat for better communications.
  • Use creative and imaginative abilities to create fictitious player areas.


  • Have worked on a variety of other projects prior.
  • Have a good understanding of ROBLOX Studio and its tools.
  • Be able to build competently to a high standard.
  • Be able to demonstrate sufficient skills and knowledge.
  • Having a high level of attention to detail.
  • Being able to follow instructions precisely.
  • Challenge opinions if you believe there is a better option.


Depending on the quality of work and how quickly the project can be delivered, our preferred method of payment is either ROBUX (R$) or GBP (£). Payment will only be made on project completion.

Payments will be made through direct Bank Transfer. If you require payment in another currency (e.g. EUR, USD, JPY) the amount may vary due to conversion rates and costs for conversion.

Payment will be discussed.


We aim to have the project fully completed by mid-November. This should be adequate time to complete the work that is required. However, we are flexible on this timescale. More accurate timing will be discussed.


Please contact me on the Developer Forum by replying to this topic.

I appreciate your time in reading this.



Hey I am great at building exteriors. I am interested.

I have sent a friend request so we can discuss, I am Senpai Ruku#7818

i’d like to know more here’s my portfolio,


everything important will be provided in my portfolio

I could do this job fast and efficiently, please contact me. Nv#2008

FR sent on discord, please DM me for a discussion :slight_smile:

Friend request sent on discord, please DM me for a discussion :slight_smile:

Quick question! Does anyone know if premium members can give other premium members Robux?

Hello I am interested in the building role you can contact me via Forum or on Discord at Dinosoreo32#0306. Here is my portfolio: [OPEN] Professional Builder/Modeler Commissions (LOW POLY AVAILABLE!)

Yes my friend, you can send Robux to fellow premium members.

What is your discord name? (30 chars)

Hey I am interested, I already visited the game, it’s not fully done yet, maybe I can make it done, contact me on discord. primes#0001.

I’m interested. Hit me a message if still available.

Hi Mer1c4n, do you have Discord?

Here’s my portfolio, I can do realistic but I don’t have work, I have worked for an scp game before, so I have experience, you can contact me on discord: wins00#5855

Hey I am really interested my discord is Uffa003#3140

Interested if the relation is professional & wagely paid.


Yep my discord is merican#1841

hello , iam intrested as builder. il send u my portfolio. here is my discord


If you are interested - please contact me on Discord - username is Senpai Ruku#7818.