[CLOSED] Hiring/ Buying a complete pet system R$20K


Hello, I am sour and I am hoping to find someone who can make a pet system or already has one that he/she is willing to sell. (I am too lazy to make one myself and want it in high quality which I am not smart enough for)

The system must include:

  • Pet Hatching, with weighted chances (supporting game passes for auto-hatch and multi-hatch). pets are bought through an egg holder so I want to be able to press a key [E] and it will purchase the egg
  • Pet Inventory UI (It doesnt have to be good I will be changing it) that shows which pets the player owns, their stats, names, and rarity as well as the number of current pets the Player has equipped and pets in their storage.
  • Player can upgrade the amount of storage and pets equipped with game-passes. Player can also delete, equip and unequip a pet. (Include that in the UI ^)
  • The pet follows the Player when equipped. (Player can only equip a specific amount of pets)
  • When the pet is equipped it gives you a multiplier. Multiplier stacks with other pets
  • UI for the chances you have when you come near an egg holder
  • Finally it must be easy to update/add to (New eggs/ pets/ rarities)

If Interested

  • If you are insterested and you have a system that you think fits all of the requirements, please upload your system to roblox so that I can test it and make sure it has everything I want/ need is included. Add me on Discord sour#4018 and send me a link to the place.
  • If you are interested in making a system add me on Discord sour#4018 and send me a link to your portfolio so I can take a look myself.


We can discuss payment ( Discord sour#4018 ) but the maximum I am paying is 20k for a really good system that meets all of the requirements. Payment will be done through group funds. Group funds might(and probably will) take time because of the 3 day wait

Contact Me

Please contact me on discord sour#4018
Thanks for reading! :smile:

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Hey,I can make the system,but Iā€™m not sure if I can do the gamespasses

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Sorry I already have someone working on it

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