[CLOSED] HIRING Casual Clothing Designer(s)

Hello, my name is Avtixe and I am hiring about 2 professional Clothing Designer’s who can make me about 45 pieces of clothing. We are launching this summer and we need some top notch clothing designers to help us out! Information down below!


  • @Avtixe - Founder
  • @Voxzt - Co-Founder
  • @Gabaraffe - Casual Designer

Our Group

  • You can view our group here to get more idea about us and information if it helps.
    Link: Royal Prince - Roblox

Clothing Type

  • Casual Outfit [TAKEN]

Payment & Method

  • About 133 R$ each. But 6,000 for all pieces. 133 x 45 = 5985; but I’ll pay 6,000 as a full estimate.
  • Payment will be half paid from group funds and half paid as in shirt payment.


  • Contact me on discord at: Zakaruko#6672 or If I’m not online; contact Voxzt#6666
  • I’ll be sending examples of what kind and pictures of the type of clothing I want in DMS.

Hey! Please add me in discord so I can contact ya!

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