[CLOSED] Hiring Clothing Designers!

Greetings! My name is Avtixe. I’m the founder of this clothing group on Roblox. And as I & my team get our group officially rolled out to the public, we must have some clothes’ to fill our store! Please read below for more information!

What We Need

We’re in need of maximum 3 clothing designers! You’ll be assigned to complete 1-2 clothes per week. The freedom is upto you on how many you wish to make per week! You as the designer will be assigned to make Aesthetic type clothes which can be Female & Male types!

Expectations & Requirements

The following includes our rules & your requirements for application and such.

  • Be age 13+
  • Have PREMIUM
  • Have a good & clear understanding portfolio .
  • Must be professional at all times. Grammar is must!
  • Have at-least 1-3 clothes published on Roblox.
  • Have a clear experience on the job for 2-5 months.

Payment Information

You will be paid 100 :robux_light: PER clothing.


Please send me a Friend Request on Discord: Zakaruko#2029


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