[CLOSED] Hiring Designers/Devs for a clothing store


Hey! I’m in the “The Royale High Trading Server” group and we want to sell clothes on and build a homestore for! I am one of the designer with 2 others! I need more designers to help me get as many clothes as possible! Also we want developers for the homestore and other game ideas/builds!

The Team

LuneRoyale: Founder
Ethano78: Clothing Designer
Libbiye: Clothing Designer


Paying depends on the work, I can do USD or robux!

Beginner Clothing Designers: 100-150 Robux ($1- $1.50)

Advanced Clothing Designers: 200-250 Robux ($2- $2.50)

Builders: 2,000-5,000 Robux ($20-$30)

We are looking for clothing like this:


You can contact me in the devfourm or discord.

Discord: Ethano78#3536


My builder/modeler portofolio: Portofolio of Monkey6021
I send u a friend req on disc my name is miguel6021#9775

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I’ve sent a friend request on discord.

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Okay, I will accept the friend request.

I will accept the friend request!

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