[CLOSED] Hiring developers for Celestial Hills!

Hiring developers for Celestial Hills!

What is Celestial Hills?
Celestial Hills is a fantasy roleplay game that is currently in development! In Celestial Hills, players have the opportunity to purchase and decorate their dream homes, dress up their avatar with all sorts of 3D accessories and a carefully curated clothing catalog, participate in outfit competitions, become a celebrity, host exciting events, and more!

The current Celestial Hills development team:
@0URIANA - Building, some 3D modeling, clothing design, UI design
@PRAY4KY - Minor animations
The Ouran Events team

What we are looking for:

We are looking to hire an experienced long-term scripter, a 3D modeler who is capable of creating items similar to the concepts of outfit sets in Royale High, as well as UGC like hairs, and an animator capable of creating dance animations and poses.

Example of a set:

image credit: Royale High Wiki, Modeled by Vioncii


I am only capable of giving Robux payment at the moment. I have not yet decided on a price for each opportunity, so please let me know what your price range is so I can come to a conclusion accordingly.

Contact Us

DevForum - @0URIANA
Discord (preferred method) - Ouriana#9500
Roblox (I get a ton of messages and it is unlikely that I will see it) - 0URIANA

Thanks for reading! :relaxed:

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