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Rusted Studio

This area of the forum is publicly accessible to developers for recruitment. Please note that topics in this category are automatically closed. Be prepared to edit your topic with answers to questions about your projects. You may also be provided feedback from the community about your plan.

What we offer:

-A professional and chill working environment, where you can share your creative ideas for new updates!
-We have a passionate team, where we can work on games and talk about our ideas and just VIBE

What we want from you:

-Be creative and come up with great ideas for our games!
-Have great passionate about game development on our games.
-Take ownership of projects and be willing to lead.


Programmers - 0-200 ROBUX
Builders - 0-100 ROBUX
Business Manager - 0-50 ROBUX
Website Developer - 0-100 ROBUX
Testers - 0-10 ROBUX
Mod - 0 ROBUX

#Our group
Rusted Studio - Roblox

Contact Us

Contact us on discord:

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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