[CLOSED] Hiring experienced programmer


About Us

Hi, I’m Wrathsong. I’m looking for an experienced programmer to join the team of @SoulStreets and I to work on a high school roleplay game with a twist.

The Team
UI - @SoulStreets
Building - @MarcusDeving
Scripting - @Wrathsong and…you!

About The Job

We are looking for an experienced scripter to join our team as, well, the lead scripter. We expect a time commitment to our project, a healthy amount of communication with one another, and good work ethic.

Like I said, we’re working on a high school roleplay game with a twist. Your job is to help script the game in its entirety. You’d be writing things like a class schedule, GUI shenanigans such as character customization and all the general RP stuff. Full details will be provided when we talk more.


Payment will be 50k robux in full once the work is completed, and if you choose to stay with us, there will be plenty more work to be done, and more money to be made for you.

Contact Us

Please contact me, @Wrathsong or @SoulStreets here on the developer forum with questions, concerns, or applications. Previous work history and a little bit of information about yourself is appreciated. You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Seeya soon! :slight_smile:


Sounds pretty self-explanatory. I don’t have much of a profile but I do have experience. If you’re still looking for someone send me a DM and we can talk. DevTitanium#5230


I see that you’re also going to be scripting, will the hired programmer have to work with your code?


Not really, no. I’m leaving the “major” systems up to you so you don’t have to get comfortable with any existing code.


I heavily suggest you either change that to a higher price.


I’m definitely interested!


Thanks - not my call but promising applicants can feel free to negotiate


Any room for another builder?


Do you own the game / group or is it someone else? I’d prefer to directly communicate with whoever is dealing with the payment / group so that the person I own doesn’t have to keep regurgitating my messages to the owner.