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About Us

Hi there! We are Elemental Valve Productions, a small upcoming game development team.

Who we need
Modeler/Owner: Me
Secondary Modeler: @DEV_JENSEN and @gcg31
Secondary Scripter: @johnreysd432
Builder/Terrain design: @DEV_JENSEN
Secondary Builder/Terrain design: @Avys_Solaeter
Who we prefer
GUI Designer: Could be you
SFX Designer: @Chris Comstock
GFX Designer: Could be you

(Preferred not required)

3 months or more of experience
your time zone is in the US


Good Communication skills
You have Discord
You work 2 hours per day


We are Earning group funds as if now and we will try to pay it out equally

Contact Us

DM me at Aqua Animations#9439

Thanks for reading!

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