[CLOSED] Hiring Gameplay Testers

Hello, I am OffbeatButton from Imagination RP. I am looking for testers for my game CrazyVille RP ❓❗️ [ALPHA TESTING] - Roblox. I want to know more about what the player wants and how to improve my game in order to make it popular.

To apply for this you need to be a fan of the RP genre and have knowledge about RP games and why players like to play them.

The job is simple, play the game and analyze it and answers the questions below.

  1. What content should be expanded?
  2. What existing content needs improvement and how could it be improved?
  3. What creative ideas do you have for the game? Activities, new content, game mechanics, etc?
  4. What should be the core of this game? For example family life, roles, etc? Think about what players think is the most fun for this type of game.
  5. Any glitches or bugs? Describe when they happen and how.
  6. List general advice for the game or anything that does not fall into the categories above.

Payment: Since this should be a pretty quick job that takes about an hour, the base payment will be $10 USD. I am willing to go up much more if you are someone who has contributed to a major/front page game! I can do Robux if necessary but prefer Paypal.

Contact: Message me on discord Nathan Jacobs#8472

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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