[CLOSED] Hiring GFX Designers

Hey hey, What’s up friends.

Today i am hiring some GRAPHIC DESIGNERS for my Military game, I have some references of what i want, I only want THE BEST OF THE BEST TO FRIEND ME. I DO NOT WANT BEGINNERS OR ‘I think i am good’.

Group Logo: Around 5,000 for a group logo, It includes Renders and Lots of attention to detail
Game Icon: Spending around 3,000 on this icon, i want a fancy icon, Catches your eye type of icon. Military themed.
Game Thumbnail: Spending Around 7,500-8,000 on this, I want a good thumbnail, Few renders, I have a idea.
Ads: I need someone who can render the person, and i need someone who can do military themed and has a good imagination and the ads must look HOT. (Hot so people click ect y’know.)

Wanna be hired? Are you one OF THE BEST? C’mon and dm me. Show me what you got.

Discord: samuel#0002

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Added. Looking forward to working with you.

Added, hopefully I can work with you later in the future.

Still open?

If you are, here’s my profile:

Added and sent you everything.

Hello! I’m interested in this position: I am Ink!#8185. :slight_smile:

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