[CLOSED] Hiring Good Cartoony UI Maker

Hello There!

My name is Zack and my roblox is Nudgz.

I am looking for a good UI desginer for my upcoming project, we can discuss it; IF YOU GET HIRED. I am willing to pay a bit of downpayment if you do not feel comfortable making the UI first, I have a team however, they can provide you with enough proof of me being legit, again its up to you really, I am willing to pay downpayment like I said if you do not feel comfortable.

Your work must be class, the theme for the UI is cartoony./low poly, I will show you the map in DMs on discord for the game. Please use your imagination and do not DM me for every little bit of info, I want you to design it and look at the game and see which UI fits into the games theme/map.

You must be active and experienced with graphics, nice and active. YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Please do not be stupid about this and DM me on discord with troll applications.

If you are interested working for me please send me a message on the following
Twitter- @nudgz
Roblox - Nudgz
Discord- Fernyhough#0001

Once again thank you for you’re time :clock1:
(p.s if my grammar and spelling aren’t good or my spelling is incorrect, its because I have a bit of dyslexia).

HAVE A GREAT DAY! :smiley:


How much are you paying? 30chars

You didn’t want to work with me, did you forget about that?

Oh yeah lmao, but you should include how much you’re gonna pay.

tbh i can pay up to 3k+ for good UI’s and 5k+ for really good ones, if you want to come back because i have an idea of what i want now.

Wrong category, you should edit the topic and post it in #collaboration:recruitment

oh i didnt select that mb lol rip

In this post is a free cartoon UI pack, maybe you can use this?

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Do you want the UI to be scripted?

I know 2 very good people who may be a fit!

I wouldn’t use that sorry, I just want custom UI’s of my choice etc.

I bought a pack from 1mmac, thanks for letting me know!

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no, unless you can script UI. I’m not asking for the UI to be scripted, I’m asking for it to be made.

Alright I’m interested I’ve added you on disc, my user is Pineapple_Pie#7271

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