(CLOSED) Hiring Logo Designer

Looking for someone can make good logo of game called Break It, simulator style, please don’t apply if you can’t use photoshop, effect and much more.


IMG_20201018_151540 IMG_20201018_151444 IMG_20201018_150350


1,500 from group funds, maybe +200 if incredible.


1 max 2 days, not more or you will be fired.


Leave a comment here.

No wasting time, reply with your portfolio directly here or on ds, please not works with -1,5k value.


I can help you StudTemplate (Logo Designer For Hire)

good works but not what im looking

here is my portfolio if you are interested.

Why not just purchase from someone who you listed examples of above?

he got full commission and closed someone

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Am interested about the offer, here is my portfolio.

I usually make my logo for 2K but because of my October promo you can get it for 1.5K without problems.

I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (perfect for you’r request).

I don’t have any exemple to give you in the style you asked, but i can make it easily. (I can make kinda every style)

If you’r interested contact me in Discord : Manda#9819

Have a good day, hope we can deal!

ok, but i can reject you if the work is not good, only that, add me SpookyFear#1504

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Hey, I’m interested.
Here’s my portfolio -

I’m not that good so I won’t need a high payment.
Check payment in my Portfolio.

I haven’t done any commissions that i got paid.
I’m willing to work for any payment cause i haven’t got any commissions for a long time.

I am interested Manvir | Logo, UI, GFX and Vector Designer [OPEN]

Please contact me on discord add me Tege#6314

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