[CLOSED] Hiring long term GFX Artist and Composer

About Us

Hello! We are a new upcoming Development Team called Rezirre Studios (https://www.roblox.com/groups/5018631/Rezirre-Studios). We are currently working on some Minigames which we hope will be successful as we are putting a lot of effort into it and have funds to sponsor.

The game:


The Team:
@Rezault - Co-Owner, Programmer
@Inspirre - Co-Owner, Builder, UI Artist
@TixLumb - GFX Artist
@username - Composer

About the job

We are hiring a long term GFX Artist and Composer for our game. You must have assets to show us as past work so we can see if you are fit for the job.

The Composer:
The Composer will compose music for each minigame all our minigames we create. The lobby will have music too.

We are offering 10% of all revenue for the Composer.

This position is taken

The GFX Artist:
The GFX artist will design the game pass icons and design thumbnail(s) for our game(s).

We are offering 10% of all revenue for the GFX Artist.

This position is taken

Contact Us

You can contact us on the Developer Forum or on Discord:

Rezault#5867 (@Rezault)
Pixel#1006 (@Inspirre)

Thank you for reading!


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