[CLOSED] HIRING | Looking for a UI Designer


Greetings! Sirène is a coffee-based company that aims to provide a positive perspective towards its customers by conveying an unforgettably prodigious experience with our exceptional selection of food and drinks. We have recently managed to obtain over 1,000 members and are hoping to grow continuously each week at a steady pace.

Programmer | @Colour3FromRGB
Builder | @ryzlus
UI Designer | Vacant


Our UI Designer will NOT be expected or required to do any scripting. They will only be expected to design the UIs. Below is what will be expected of you:

  • Shop GUI
  • Admin Panel
  • Notifications Bar
  • Music Mute Toggle Button
  • Customisable Popups
  • Item Menu (Surface GUIs)
  • Overhead Tags (Billboard GUIs)

All tasks MUST be completed within 3 days of accepting the commission, do not bother contacting me if you’re unable to complete it in time.


After after you have completed the commission and all parties are satisfied with the final product, you will receive a negotiated 3000-5000 Robux.

.Links and Contact Details



If you’re interested, please DM Colour3FromRGB#9999

I am interested. Discord: ProGamerResul5566#9513

Hey! I am a UI designer. I do not script though. To see my work, please DM me at LEV#0001. Thank you.

How about actually reading the post first?

Hm? I have…? I understand that scripting of the UI is not needed, that is why I clarify this, saying I fit this.

Greetings, I’m UI Designer!
Please, DM me.

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Alright, it shouldn’t have required clarification as it is clearly stated here.

Alright. I am no longer interested in this now, as I see that this isn’t the right place for me.

Hey, quick question, are you looking for the uis to be as a decal PNG format? If so I’m interested.


He was just stating that he fits the job because he doesn’t script UI’s.

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Hey there, I am interested in working with your team. But I have a problem, I jave to start working for your UIs 3 days later, because I have a small project pending. I also might need 4-5 days to design all those UIs

You can find every detail about me in my protofolio

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