[CLOSED - HIRING] Map Designer or Builder

About Us

Hello Map/Level Designers and Builders! I am currently running solo (aside from several side commissions with some talented individuals) on this project and looking forward to releasing a beta version of the game by the Summer.

The Team
@tragoblue - Soloist

I’ll share access to the game to the person/s who will take the commission

About The Job

I am looking for a skillful map or level designer and/or builder. The theme of the game is a futuristic sci-fi and low-poly theme. You will have creative freedom to work around one major constraint, which will be that these ‘maps’ are to be built within the physical constraints of Arenas. At the moment, I have three arena sizes ranging from Small to Large. The sizes are approx 85x85, 170x170, and 260x260 studs big and the height is 160 studs. You are also free to dig downward as deep as you’d like as well.

The challenge here is to create some type of an environment that would be conducive to sometype of a multiplayer battle!

You can pick whichever size you’d like to start with, or find easier to start with.Perhaps you feel more comfortable doing the 260x260 stud arena map, then that’s fine, or perhaps you prefer the smaller one 85x85? You choose.

To those interested, I will give you more specific game-related details that will add a little bit more into the mix here, but the information given here should be enough to give you an idea on what I’m looking for.

Regarding a timeline, I’m in no serious rush, so you could plan working on this project around your own schedule. As long you you send me updates here and there, I’ll be happy.


I will pay in USD via PayPal. The amount depends on many factors, like creativity, originality, effectiveness (how conducive to battling it out it is), size, etc…

I’m willing to pay within $35-$200 USD. I might accept a few commissions as well, from different designers/builders.

Contact Us

Please contact me here on the Developer Forum if you are interested. Feel free to post a link to some of your work as well!

I’ll respond within half a day to a day after receiving your contact message. If I don’t answer, then it’s because I’ve gotten busy with my day job, and unable get back to you within that time, but I’ll eventually will.

You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Contact me.

I’m interested but I do have a few questions about this first.

Add me on discord, JJ71599#3309

Can you add me on my friend request on BK#1768

For the map designer occupation would it just be planning a layout not actually making the product if so I would be interested rou#5031

Yes, I’ll also be interested in hearing about a layout as well. Will contact you, thank you.

Hey! I can do any size map you need. I’ve made tons of maps for a few games, games including my own and commissions done for other people. I know what makes a map a conductive environment for any sort of combat and I’m fully confident that I can make anything to suit your needs.

Here are a few games I’ve made maps for:
Ball Blast (My own game, made all maps)
Destroy All Aliens (Commisioned maps, made Moon Base, Oasis, and Mars.)
Captivator (My own game again, made all maps.)

You can contact me on Discord @Stormcell#6915. I’d like to ask some questions so I can further understand the commission.

Hi @Stormcell i really want you to hire me on your development iam builder i quit scripting but if you intersting send me friend request

Thank you all for the interest!

I have filled two positions and look forward to what’s coming.

If the need comes for more maps, I’ll most certainly re-open this post and get back to those I couldn’t get back to this time around.

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