[CLOSED] Hiring Modeler

about us

Hey! We are Smileface! A brand new development studio that is working on creating a new and amazing game to push out on the Roblox platform. We take as much time as possible to create the best games with the best effort possible. We truly want to amaze our audience by providing the best content possible.

The Team

@Cxany | Lead Design | UI Design | Developer Manager | Social Media Manager

@jcnruad900 | Head Scripter | Bot Scripter

@astralorchid | Composer | Head Developer

@Devolas | Co-Builder | Detail Design

@MrFieldThrow | Head Builder | Main Design

@ultragame105 | Co-Scripter

@NewZealander_Kiwi | Graphics | Co-Room Design| Co-Puzzle Design

the game

We are currently making a game known as ‘Breakout’. This game will be an Escape Room based game. Players can play together, buy in-game items, buy game modes & rooms and way more features are included in the game. The game is a pretty simple idea, however, it will have several other features implemented into the game to make the game enjoyable for everyone.
The game will be designed to where the rooms will be playable multiple times and still be enjoyable. Puzzles won’t be the same, there will be at least 35 - 50 preset puzzles on each difficulty of a game mode while only 15 - 20 are selected. Players can go through and play different puzzles to make the experience different each time. Gamemodes also twist up the game, too.

the job

The job of a modeler won’t be very busy. You will be given at most 30 assets to model every 2 weeks. Usually, you will be given 5 - 15 assets every 2 weeks to model. There isn’t any specific theme or thing you will be modeling. You will be modeling the props for the rooms. They will be all different themes and will have different textures.
You are expected to stay with us for a LONG time, you are expected to respect others in the development team, you are expected to use your own models to create the project and lastly, you are expected to texture the models you create.


Sadly, we do not have enough funding to pay in USD or Robux. So, we are paying in percentage. Modelers will receive a full 10% of game revenue. We will hire investors to get the game somewhat running. If the game is a total flop, we will sell the game. Therefore, you are guaranteed to make money sometime. I know that I am not going to find as many modelers for the position, please do not comment about the payment if you are complaining. Thank you!


If you are interested, please contact me on Discord at cxany#9392 and join the following groups.

Discord Server
Roblox Group

Thank you!

If you are interested, make sure to contact me on my discord!

won’t be very busy

Also, you said

To who exactly ? Who even buys games ? Especially failed games ?

You got a point, this job is rather risky

I am a modeler and creating 30 models in 2 weeks is possible, And it’s not busy, It would be basically working on 2 models per day with 3-4 hours of making each model, I would consider that busy. But accepting a percentage will not work. Along with what @Red1Monster said, who would buy the game even if its a failed game?

Just not worth it.

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A percentage is a percentage. Nothing more to it.

Percentage is a percentage. Everyone should know that taking a percentage job is risky.
However, I already got a modeler so there is no need of this post.

I don’t think you replied to the right person.

Of course, percentage is risky, but in my comment, i asked who would buy a failed game

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