[Closed] Hiring Part-Time Scripters

About Rocliffe:

Rocliffe is a roleplay game where you can explore different aspects of life through your point of view. You can live your life any way you want with seemingly endless choices and hours of gameplay. It’s similar to the the mobile game hit BitLife. It can be compared to Roblox games like Bloxburg, RoCitizens, and Clear Skies Over Milwaukee.

Feature Examples:

  • Use items and furniture to maintain needs and develop skills.
  • Get a job or education to support your lifestyle.
  • Create buildings and design the interior.
  • Buy different vehicles that have better performance.
  • Post and read others roleplay responses on a forum-like interface.
  • Sell your goods on a market to other players.

You must be able to create systems like these to apply.

About Headstart:

Headstart is a group where we value accessibility and quality. It is a group where the community can work with each other to improve developing skills. Originally being a mentorship group we also want to expand into developing projects on the group. We want to work not only with the development team but the community to bring our ideas to fruition. As a member of our development team you can expect clear communication and a motivating group.

Project Lead: @Daystopia
Artist: @pigeonhasagun (pikioart on Instagram)
Artist: @SpaceOstrichEgg
Builder: @LocalLoaf
and Community Contributors


  • Create and complete assets from scratch
  • Work efficiently over long periods of time
  • Actively communicate with the team and community
  • Experience developing on Roblox for at least 1-2 years
  • Self-manage with the use of ClickUp

Desirable Traits:

  • Passion for game development or Rocliffe
  • Experience developing with a game or team long term
  • Familiar with multiple types of game development


Robux Down Payment (Negotiate Privately)
and possible Part-Time Salary (175k Robux/625 USD weekly)

When the game is functional and monetized we will gain revenue. With this revenue we can add salaries to our budget. Currently our budget consists of hiring developers and creating advertisements. If you’re working with us and we have the budget we will pay you a part-time salary. Otherwise we will pay you in fixed amounts that we negotiate. We’re actively looking for investors or commissions to be able to pay for expenses like these.


Contact me on DevForums or on Discord: Daystopia#2138
You may contact me for more details about the project or about joining the team.
Thank you for reading.

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