[CLOSED] Hiring Programmer Experienced with DataStore2

Super Power Fighting Simulator is hiring a Programmer!

About Us

Hi there! Super Power Fighting Simulator is a game owned by @GamesReborn. It is a popular game that was closed today due to Roblox critical Data Store issues causing data loss.

Our game: ⚡ Super Power Fighting Simulator - Roblox

The Job

We are looking for an experienced and professional programmer who has experience with DataStore2 and knows how to revert player data back to a previously saved Ordered Backup.


  • Experienced with Lua and DataStore2
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills


We will be paying up to R$50,000 for the fully completed job.

How To Apply

You must be either 13 or older to apply.

Contact me by messaging me here on DevForums and please detail what your experience is relating to DataStore2 and how you would plan to complete the job.

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Highly interested, messaged via DevForums. Looking forward to it!

Thanks in advance,

To my knowledge Roblox reverted their databases to before the data loss issue arose, so you shouldn’t need to do anything with datastore2.


Those who were playing the game in affected servers had their data set completely to nil and therefore lost all their data. However we found a solution to our problems and have restored player data to a previous backup we have for the game.

I suggest switching to an external data storage if your worried about data loss. I made a topic on the pros and cons . Again totally up to you, external is my suggestion.

Hey! Did you receive my application?


Yes but Roblox reverted the database, so any saves within the time of the issue were reverted

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Roblox removed the ability to load previous saves pretty sure.

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