[CLOSED] Hiring Scripter - $20/hr or $600 payout + 15% Net Profit

Hi guys! Dexur here from Dexur Games. We’re currently looking to hire a Lead Programmer for our upcoming title, ‘The Alien’. After success as a teenager from my game ‘Life’, I have decided to revisit ROBLOX with my gained experience and create something more established, with a full team.

The Alien brings a fresh take to the currently overpopulated horror genre, introducing new innovations and mechanics that set it apart from competitors.

We are looking for someone with extensive experience coding on ROBLOX and fluency in Lua. Experience in other coding languages is a bonus but not a necessity. We are well underway in development and a huge portion of the game is already completed, however there is much polishing to do and new systems to add. Your main coding roles will be as follows:

  • Bug Fixing.
  • Functioning ‘abilities’ & perk system.
  • Item Shop.
  • XP & Currency datastores, including player-specific end of round rewards.
  • Anti-exploit systems.
  • Story and Cutscenes.
  • Implementation of Alien Rig and Animations, as well as C-Frame animations.

Please do not apply if you are not comfortable with anything mentioned above.

We are aiming for a 10th of July release, with closed testing on the 3rd. Until then, you will be required to work 30+ hours per week until the work is complete, with a deadline of 14 days. You must be able to work efficiently, and with excellent organisation in studio. Good communication skills are required. I use Discord to communicate daily with developers, and we use Team Create to develop. After release, if you wish to continue work, we will require you to work 15+ hours per week.

For payment, you may choose between one of two options:

  • $20/hr paid weekly. You will receive pay every Monday for the hours worked the previous week.This requires you to be online on discord while you work and available to communitcate with me at all times. I will monitor your work closely on team create. This will be a rolling contract and can continue after the game’s release if you would like to pursue further work.
  • $600 one-time payout paid upon completion of the work, and a further 15% of the game’s net profit for 1 month after release. This is paid in ROBUX and can be extended on a monthly basis provided you continue to work a minimum of 15 hours per week on the game.

We will offer a contract for you to guarantee payment and protect both parties involved.

Please message me on the Developer Forum to apply. You must be over 16 years of age. In your message, you MUST include a portfolio highlighting your experience and providing examples of what you have worked on. If you are shortlisted I will provide you with my Discord and we may discuss your application further.

Applications will close when the position has been filled. You will not be able to apply after the 24th of June. Hope to hear from you soon! :alien:

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I am Beez_up and i want to apply!
This is my portfolio.
Also, is there any other people working with you?
Discord : ItsChoco#0902

Thank you for your response, however unfortunately we’re only accepting applicants above 16 years old.

Are you looking for a GUI artist if so I am interested! :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone who applied. The position has now been filled.

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