[CLOSED] [HIRING SCRIPTER 5k R$ or $15 USD] Help fix a few bugs



Hey all, Ted here.

Let me get right to the butter.

So I own a group, called the Tenth Roman Legion. We have a group place that is used to fight other clans, and the objective of the game is similar to most Call of Duty’s game modes called “Hardpoint.”
Here is a link to the Hardpoint objective, explaining the info of it: https://www.callofduty.com/esports/story/2015-12/call-of-duty-esports-101-hardpoint

I had paid someone awhile back to script this for 25k, although there are a few problems that I would like to get fixed:
-After I start the game via “start” gui button that works only for me, it teams everyone in-game to one team. What I want it to do is to simply respawn everyone, since before I start the game I have already teamed everyone to their according teams.
-Sometimes the hardpoint does not actually work. If a team member goes onto it, it simply doesn’t capture it and it just does not work.

Below is a link to game:

Note: You have to join the group and I’ll have to rank you to a rank that has edit permissions in order to actually see anything and play around with it.

I’m willing to pay $15 USD to have this fixed, or I can pay around 5,000 ROBUX.

Contact me on Discord if you want to take on the job: Ted#3573


Added you on Disc. :+1: