[Closed] Hiring Scripter for Our Bizarre Adventures Project!

Our Bizarre Adventures Scripter Recruitment

Our Bizarre Adventure Info

Hello Robloxians, I hope everyone is having a good day today!
Our Bizarre Adventure Is based off of the popular anime/manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, You find an Arrow, Use it, Awake your powers and fight with any opponent you meet in the game.

Developer Team

  • @XVRETHREN - Owner, Decent Builder
  • @HeyImKoa - Advanced Animator, Professional Ideas & Basic Builder
  • @Kaanashi - Animator & Builder
  • @yoomed - Advanced Builder & Animator
  • @Godboy3644 - Trello Manager
  • @PcypherSaurus - Decent Builder, Animator & Media/GFX Editing
  • @Qxertyv - Builder

Our progress is only building and animations, If you want to see them contact us at the bottom of the post.

About The Job

We have been searching for a Decent/Professional Scripter for our Project Our Bizarre Adventures, We have done buildings and animations and we are still on it, But we are missing one of the most important factors, The Scripter, Our team sadly has 0 knowledge for scripting, So we decided to recruit any decent/professional Scripters for our game!

Our game just needs basically entire Game Scripting, However there is no release date so we dont need any rush from you, We are a kind team honestly, You will most probably feel comfortable with us and we wont force you or push you alot.

Other Info you should probably know

  • The game is R6
  • Everything built there has been made by all of us (Except a few decorations)
  • We are VERY kind and fun together, We arent toxic nor we take this DEAD serious, We just want to improve and have a good time together developing!
  • The game has a few scripts such as animation players, However we are in need of animation players for items, We are in need of Stand damage and functions, We are in need of item usage, Bosses system, Controls setup, etc etc etc…
  • WE DON’T Give up, This Project means ALOT for us, Infinite plus infinite.


We are paying yes, With ROBLOX Card or PayPal, It’s up to anybody of you, We’re paying whenever the Job is done, However, The ‘‘How much’’ we are paying is going to be answered whenever we get contact, We are going to give you tasks to do and then we will calculate the price.

Contact Content and requirements

Contact Koa#5740 for the application, That’s my Discord Username, I’m avaiable from 2 PM EST Till 5-7 AM EST.(Exception this time, I’m avaiable from right now, Will attend at the pretty instant most probably)

You must be 13+ Years Old in order to Apply.

We need about 2 scripters but 1 will get the job done.

I will ask to show your amazing work to me and see how good you are with Scripting, Once we make a decision we will let you to the Group Chat or not.

If you have any questions, Please do ask in the Post or Contacting us, If you want to talk to the Owner of the game, Here’s the tag: xvrethren#9237

IF The Project Fails (Which we garantize it wont) The payment will be given anyways for the hard job given.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great day! Take care and peace.



I am interested my discord I FemiRobloxDeveloper#3915

Currently found 2 scripters, However this might be re-opened anytime soon maybe.

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