[Closed] Hiring Scripter / Gameplay Programmer [USD + %]

Hey everyone, I’m Iceblaster500. I’m looking for a long-term scripter/ gameplay programmer who wants the opportunity to script something meaningful and lucrative.

Here are some pictures of our game!

About The Job

The game will be a simulator about ducks with a unique concept that’s never been tried before. I believe that many people will thoroughly enjoy the game once it’s released and will continue to keep playing it. This game can easily be made mobile-friendly which is a key factor for popularity. Players wouldn’t need a tutorial to understand how to play, it’s that easy!

Although this game is a simulator, it is very easy to underestimate the difficulty of these tasks.

Some of these tasks include:

  • Pet system
  • Level system
  • Item dropper
  • Buying zones
  • Hatching systems
  • Etc.

All of the tasks are outlined on a Google document.

I expect that the scripter will be able to finish most of these tasks in a month.
Communication is a must.


Payment will be in USD via PayPal and a percentage of the game. I am willing to make a competitive amount, am exceedingly flexible, and willing to negotiate.

Additional Information

As the CEO of this project, it is my job to make sure your percentage is valuable.
That is why I am planning to spend at least 100k+ in advertisements.
I will make sure that this is something worthwhile of your time.

I am deeply passionate about this. I hope the person I select is just as passionate!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


15 years or older to apply. Message me on the DevForum with your portfolio & discord!
I’ll get back to you if I am interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

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