CLOSED | Hiring scripters and builders for new project

Can you send me request Friend please: Grenouille #0604

I’m interested ID: Jugito#1260

Please add me on discord you don’t accept friend requests
My discord tag is warnickur#0788

I am interested here is my portfolio:

and my discord:

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I’ve formerly developed for Chic Salon from Early 2016 to near 2018 or so. If you want to contact me about work and etc feel free to. 4w#0001 on discord

I would like to see if i am a fit for one of the scripter positions, please contact me JAWS#5546

I can negotiate good prices if i am a fit for the job (what you are looking for)

Turn friend request on, thank you!

Add me on discord Umpire#8048

Cant wait to get in touch!

Im interested, here is my portfolio Bloxvin_Dev's Portfolio
Btw I cant send friend request on discord, Maybe u can send, Bloxvin#0001

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Hi, Im interested my discord is I’m a sad ravioli#6044. I am a builder and im pretty new to studio so unfortunately, i dont have any former work experience.

I’m sadly looking for developers that have previous experience. Sorry.

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I am interested!

Contact me on Discord : ItsChoco#0902

My portfolio!
My profile!

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Turn on your friend requests, i can’t send it.

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My names Lasrox, my main account is : Lasrox.

I do gfx, and build!
If you’re looking to add me (since i cant add you because your not accepting friend requests) then please add : justii#9459 on discord!
x3 Peace out!

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My apologies, i have turned them on!

If the scripter spot is still available:

Discord: /import#5041

Hi! I am really good at lighting, I can help add some realism to your game, or to make the lighting more cartoony. If your interested, message me here on the devforum.

Heya there,

I see your Scripter2 position is open, I would like to apply for it since i am interested in the position.
Your discord is not valid so I’ll just state my portfolio here.

I am more capable than what is on my portfolio and that I have experience

Add me on discord; Viken#0243

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am interested I have been a builder for years now. Here is my discord FemiRobloxDeveloper's server

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