[Closed] Hiring scripters, builders, and graphic designers

@Bread_Empire ~ Scripter

About Us

Hello, we are currently relaunching an hotel group and we are on need of builders, scripters, and graphic designer to do logos.

About The Job

We are looking for builders, scripters, and graphic designer to join our team. We expect you are professional and capable to do many things and have the experience.


The payment will be discussed depending on quality of work and how fast you made it.

Contact Us

In order to apply for one of the position make sure to dm me at discord, my username is:

Thanks for reading! And if you are interested make sure to contact me.

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Please add more information for potential applicants.


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Please do not repeat the same point over and over. Look at what has already been asked before posting. Do not be a broken record.

Yeah, more information is definitely needed.

For example, what do you need each role to do? Do you need an entire hotel built? Or just a top-up of one you already have?

You should also specify a price range for the tasks you need completed.

This doesn’t tell me anything. As a potential developer I would want to know if you’re talking about somewhere in the 0-1000 robux range, or a 10,000-20,000 robux range.


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