[Closed] Hiring scripter(s) for complex RP Game

Hello, I am Loumec, a still unknown, but in my opinion quite skilled builder, and I had an idea for a game which I already properly planned and created assets for since beginning of 2019. Now, where I am confident that my idea was great, it cannot be made true due to my somewhat lacking scripting skills. That is why I hire 1-3 skilled and experienced scripter(s) for creating stuff out of a long and complex list for complex stuff.

The Team
Builder - Loumec
UI - Loumec
Scripter - Rocky28447(?) ; plasmascreen; (?)
Anims - EggYolked(?) ;
GFX - Aatlxs_Dev(?) ;

My “Idea”
The idea is pretty based off The DarkRP from garry’s mod. But this time I try to make it realistic and enjoyable. You will have lots of stuff to do inside that game, like selecting a job, which varies from the small gas station owner up to the notorious mafia boss.
There will be guns, vehicles, ownable houses, money, furnishing and much more.
It is set in a small Nevadian desert town in the year 1996, with small cottages, ownable shops, trailers and some apartments with only roads and abandonded buildings around.

The Job

As said, the stuff that I wanted to become reality is considered quite complex by me,
but here is a list…

  • Money
  • Stats (Deaths, Kills, Money earned etc…)
  • Weapons (Ranged/Melee/Explosive , Configureable)
  • Tools (Lockpicks which open doors, Gas Jerries that can refuel cars)
  • Vehicle chassis (With an own inventory, insurance which lets you never lose your car
    again, destroyable with weapons, gas, configurable…)
  • Gamepasses and Developer Products (For teams, extras and power-ups)
  • Teams (with different ablities, starting weapons, gamepass teams…)
  • Inventory
  • Avatar Editor (No default characters inside the game)
  • Trading System (For items and money)
  • Hunger Bar (Food too then by logic)
  • Ownable houses, shops, apartments
  • Furniture (with some of then interactive, like a bed which replenishing your health,
    some others being a storage for example…)
  • Saving feature
  • Playtime counter
  • Training center (Which will let players fill out some kind of form to gain access to
    specific jobs)

Expect to might come more, I just need a person who ahs the ability to script something like that. (Maybe in case I get a wonderful new idea…)


I will pay in robux only (due to my PayPal not working)
The reward depends on some factors like…

  • My own satisfaction
  • Team size
  • Development duration

And yes, I can ensure payment. If the game generated enough fundings, you get paid. In case the game does not generate anything, (in which I actually do not believe in) I have an investor who will reward you then. I can ensure because I already have worked for many successful developers, PassiGames for example.

If you work in a team, the payment gets split.

If it turns out that you do not finish the project, if I get scammed or some, you receive nothing, of course.

Disc : Loumec#0214

Prefering people who are at least 15 years old.

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I wish you need a second builder but unfortunately you don’t. And it’s a great opportunity for people to apply.
and one more question animation of what do you need?? (out of curiosity)

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Gun equip as example, shooting animation, general animations like sleeping, dancing or some.

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I can do some animation but not dancing and stuff, I am basic animator :smile:. I already animated some stuff like lifting and eating but never made a dancing move.

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For payment you shouldn’t list the duration of development, unless it’s particulr egregious.
People have lives to live. On top of this, how does you working for someone famous ensure the game’s success of the developer’s payment? This seems like a sketchy deal.

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Maybe as a reference. As said, I am pretty confident that that idea has the potential for success, I have got lots of experience in marketing, and know what to do. By the way, that “Developer” should also have the role of the investor if something does not work properly.

This… doesn’t really look that complicated, at least from my own viewpoint. I understand that there’s probably a longer list in queue, but the current job offer looks very manageable especially for an experienced programmer. I would say that the upfront pay is worth less for that list specifically.

Either way, though, not saying you should change - this is fine as it is. I’ve just got a question:

When you say that development duration is a factor of the reward given, what exactly do you mean by this and why is it presented as a constraint towards developer earnings?

Are you expecting a free-schedule developer to fully focus on this project? You may not find many experienced programmers with a large amount of money of free time in their schedule.

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Sent you a Friend Request, JustBillyH#8580

To be honest I actually do not care too much about how long you need. What I meant with that point in the list that you would get an extra pay in case you are very fast in completing that. It is not like I want the programmers to give up their private life for this, take as much time as you want/need.

Please stop advertising your services on posts unrelated to them.


How much do you pay per piece for example the “Trading System”?

Hey, I have just a few questions about this.

What does this mean? Do we get less if you aren’t as satisified with the work?
If we do get less, is there any guaranteed price (that won’t change) the developer will get paid?

Does this mean you don’t currently have the 850K-2M you’re advertising?

The list you’ve given us isn’t complex at all, I assume you have more complex stuff you would ask for when someone gets hired?

And my final question, would this be milestone payments or would you be paid at the end of development?

  1. Yes, what I mean with that is, that you can, when you work alone as example, you
    minimally get the minimum of 850K only if you do your work as bad as it can be, but
    still following the requirements.

  2. As said, I work with a close friend who actually is pretty successful in his developing
    business, meaning that you could be able to receive it right now if needed.
    Otherwise I would pay you as soon I have the funds together (if the game turns out
    to be successful)

  3. I don’t know, I have my lacks in programming skills. But my own idea sounded pretty
    complex to me. When I take the car insurance as example, I say that you can
    destroy a car by shooting at it. You can get it insured, you can respawn it after being
    destroyed for a fee. If it is destroyed by someone else, the one who did the last shot
    has to pay…If the car is stolen it will still appear in your next server joining etc. etc…

Let me take that as what would have to be done in detail then.

  1. I rather prefer to pay when everything is done. So you, as the scripter know what to do if you begin from scratch, and not being able to suddenly abandon when being right inside the work (and going away with the money) :frowning:

I would rather only pay for a complete work.

Okay so if you complete for example the trading system piece how much?Or do you mean to complete all the above listed work?

You have to complete the entire list.

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