(CLOSED ) Hiring Short term builder

Hi there I am hiring a builder who is ready to do short term jobs only(CLOSED)

about the job:-
You will be needed to make we one or two small and easy low poly builds.

It will be per asset like if you finish a build I will pay you can tell me how much you want not much as it is easy.

How to contact me-
You can contact me via DevForum or via discord add me as friend my username is " PKBbornlegend#6540 "

Thank you!


Hello, I’m interesed, my portafolio: (OPEN) DoryShelby- Clothing Designer, Scripter, And terrain

I have a question , what the budget for builder do you have ?

Hey I added you friend, my username is bug

depends on the build as I said per asset

accept my request on discord then lets see

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