(OPEN) DoryShelby- Clothing Designer, Scripter, And terrain

Who I am?

I am a Spanish boy who has been in the roblox community for 4 years. Little by little I am having experience in various aspects of development.

What I do?
I am dedicated to designing clothes, I have experience in that, I am also learning script and with all of the above I also develop game environments

Topics on which I am working or have worked

  1. https://gyazo.com/66d90669f1ff3e5956610998c3fdee7e

Very simple environment for a city of realism (light and color)

3.I don’t show my clothes in case someone steals my design

  1. Worked for @AvaiFX

  2. I have script experience

6.Doing rn 2 games, one for Infinite Drivers and the other for me.

7: [https://gyazo.com/244f86eba56d4ae99202c7a99806f32b ]

  1. My games:

I accept :robux: and Paypal, the price depends on how hard the job costs.

  1. https://gyazo.com/244f86eba56d4ae99202c7a99806f32b


Send request friend on my discord: DoryShelby0 #3174 or type here

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