[CLOSED] Hiring Tycoon & Map Builder

Nope, It’s the design im looking for though.



Does the constructor have to have any experience in blender? (Some people only use studio)

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Hi i am very intrested! My disc is miguel6021#9775

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I show you my portfolio in my discord, My discord is: Nicolas DEV # 4794

Hey, are you interested in also hiring a music composer? If so, add me on discord and we can talk about spicing up your game with music! disc: ADLHoratioNelson#5748

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My portfolio

Hey there! I might be quite interested in working for you! My discord identification is Isukali#2787!

hey add this guy in disocrd he want to job: Orinthian Playz#4556

He wants hire people or he himself wants to be hired? Can you please clarify?

he want to be hired lol why you asking xD

Oh because you replied to my comment so I was thinking whether it had anything to do with me. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

hey add this guy in disocrd he want to job: Orinthian Playz#4556

no i must say sorry xD i replayed to you xD emm add the guy too he want to talk with you too

Hello I am very intrested, I have had 8 years of experience! Of developing, And i would love to make a map for you! DM me on discord: DYS_0N#1735 Thanks, Happy to help! :smiley:

I’m interested i want see the tycoon

Hello, I’m Super Interested. I’ve had 2 years of experience with development, I’ve actually made a Low Poly Castle in the past too. You can contact me on discord ZvClaw#5473 .
Looking forward to build for you, Thanks!

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Give me 2 hours and I can make full set ups and everything. Discord - Tone#8210

Hi will you be avaible for projects after a week?

Im an advanced builder I can build u that and design u a cool envirenement.