[CLOSED] Hiring UI designer [$3,500 USD]

About Us

Hi there! We are Gamer Robot, an already established group that has created a few well known magic fighting games on Roblox. We are looking for a UI designer to design our UI and then create it in studio for our new and exciting magic fighting game.

About The Job

We are looking for a UI designer to create the following:

-Health + mana bars
-Current levels and experience progression bar
-Menu open button
-5 button toolbar
-Quest menu: displays past quests with your current quest at the top
-Icon indicating quest destination
-Quest progression frame with a brief ‘current quest’ description that will always be visible when a quest is selected
-Npc dialog frame
-Spell shop
-Spell equip menu
-Player stat upgrades
-Weapon inventory / weapon equip menu
-Diamond / shard shop (spend robux to buy in-game currency)
-There may be extra objects required to complete the game that are not listed here

All UI must scale to mobile/console and you must have previous work to be considered.


Payment for the entire game’s UI will be $3,500 USD when the commission is completed. We are willing to split this up into a few milestone payments if you would prefer. Robux payment is also an option if you prefer.


Contact us with your portfolio and your available work schedule at GamerRobotGroup@gmail.com
I will close this thread when we have found someone for this position :slight_smile:


Before I apply, just wanted to ask, as well as all the UIs, would I also be required to create fancy artwork for the backgrounds of the UIs and such?

As an example, this is what i mean by fancy artwork

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The ui must contain imagelabels (custom art) so it’s not plain, but the detail level doesn’t need to be nearly as high as it is in that reference image. Also, creating the spell icons is not required.

I think I’m up for the job.

Sending you an email now! :slight_smile:

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Sent an application :slight_smile:

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Updated payment method to now offer USD payments.

Email sent.

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